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But first, there are few things clients usually ask me

I’ve been working remotely for over 12 years now and have developed a seamless communication process. Every day I call clients through Zoom, plan, and complete tasks in Asana, even the design process itself can be observed online if we use Figma.

Let me organize a working environment for your project based on my experience.

NASA is communicating with rovers on Mars, and we can do it!

Most of my clients are based in North America, but there are also in Australia and New Zealand — less more than 30% are from Europe, like me.

We can allocate certain overlapping hours for communication. In exceptional cases, I can adjust my working hours to match the client’s time zone. It costs more, but if it is really necessary for you, then anything is possible. I’m happy to adapt.

In most cases, two or three online conferences a week are enough, often one is enough, and very rarely clients communicate with me every day (mainly on large projects using the SCRUM methodology within sprints). However, I am always available on Slack, and the response time does not exceed 4 hours during business hours.

I usually charge per project and my prices for basic projects are available on the homepage. I prefer to discuss project scope with my clients, define deliverables and then fix a price. This way we can focus on creating something great for you instead of counting hours.

But there’s always another opportunity available. Sometimes we can not define the amount of work needed to reach final results. For example, you want to try different interfaces or flows, perform A/B tests, or working in Growth-Driven Design Sprints. The way to do this is to define KPIs, set tasks, and track time.

The final price of the project depends on a set of parameters, including the type of the project, its scope, timeline, and deliverables. Especially to highlight the scope, at the beginning of work on each of the projects, we conduct a Discovery stage, which also helps to evaluate the strategy and the timeline for its implementation.

As a result, after this stage, we get a clear idea of ​​the required resources with the possibility of decomposition into short tasks with a clear time for their execution. Now I will be able to reasonably estimate the deadline and propose your price.

But the question was about the price itself and you want to get the range of amounts required for the implementation of an individual project. Right! Based on previous experience in custom development for my clients, their budgets ranged from $3,000 to less than $10,000.

We can work both with contracts or (and) invoices. In the last few years, I’ve worked on contracts per project or milestone and with hourly rates contracts.

The same with the payments – you can pay with bank transfer as well as via PayPal. Let’s talk and I’m sure we’ll find the right way.

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